Beats FAQ

2011-10-04 04:37:07 by seatellite

Alright, I'm going to clear up all the questions or general statements I've gotten in comments or messages about my Hip-Hop/R&B beats.

Q: What do you mean by "buying or leasing a beat?" Do you mean I can buy the beat and then use it as an instrumental?
A: No, I sell/lease my beats to people who want to rap or sing over it. You're not allowed to just buy the beat, and sell it as an instrumental. If you are a rapper or a singer, then you can buy my beats to do just that on them. I produce all my beats in song form (meaning Intro--->Verse---->Chorus--->Verse etc...)
It doesn't always follow that pattern I just wrote down, but you get the general idea.

Q/Statement: Why do your beats repeat so much? And/Or: Your beats repeat the same thing over and over or just add slightly different changes for each part.
A: I'm not writing super complex beats, because if a beat is TOO complex, it actually makes it harder to rap or sing over it. Again, I produce these beats in the general idea that someone is going to sing or rap over it. I usually start with a basic repeating main riff or drum pattern, and build a new instrument/melody on each verse (for example; Verse 1: Piano and Drums. Verse 2: Piano, Strings, and Drums. Verse 3: Piano, Strings, Drums, and Synth, Etc...)
If I was to design a crazy complex beat, it would be more for listening, while the beats I produce are for someone to put something over them vocally.

Q: Why do your beats have those really annoying tags on them? Like "this is a DJ G0LD production" repeated so many times in the song?
A: As much as I thoroughly enjoy music for the hell of it, I have to make money you know :P
The tags are there so people who download my beats don't steal them or pass them off as their own. I allow free downloads of my beats (you'll read more on that when I get to it) and if you download it for free, the tags stay on there.

Q: What do you mean by "free downloading?"
A: Right, well as a producer, it wouldn't be fair to sell someone a beat, and have them draw a blank when they attempt to write or rap something on top of it. The free download is sort of like a free trial of the beat. You can only use a "free download" of a beat for PROMOTIONAL use only. If you rap something over it, or sing something over it, you can give away the song for free, to build a fan base, but you can NOT sell it. That's what leases/exclusive rights are for. I put the tags on the beat too, because when you buy a lease or purchase exclusive rights, I take the tags off, because then you can legally sell the beat. So it's sort of like a trial version of the beat. You can rap over it, you can sing over it, but you can not sell it.

Q: How do I buy your beats? Are they expensive?
A: There are different kinds of ways you can buy my beats. There's a lease (which will be explained in the beats purchasing section that you can find near the bottom of this TL;DR post) and exclusive rights. The leases are generally cheap, anywhere from $20-$40 a song. The exclusive rights are in a higher range ($200-$400) which may sound like a lot, but most of the producers on Soundclick charge anywhere from $600 to $2,000 a beat for exclusive rights. I always upload low quality versions of my beats onto Newgrounds and Soundclick (160 kbps) but when you purchase a lease, you get an HQ 320 kbps MP3, and the Exclusive Rights give you a .WAV file. I accept payments for the beats through PayPal, and once the money is transferred, I send you the file through an e-mail.

Beat Purchasing Section:
If you'd like to use a song for promotion and not to sell it, then be my guest, and download it and use it.
If you'd like to use a song commercially then please contact me for a lease (2500 copies per lease) or for exclusive rights (the song becomes yours forever and no one else can sell it or buy it)

Free: 160 kbps (MP3) [Promotional Use Only] {Tagged} |MUST CREDIT PRODUCER|
Lease: 320 kbps (MP3) [2500 Copies Per Lease] {No tags} |MUST CREDIT PRODUCER|
Exclusive: Lossless WAV [Yours Forever] {No tags} |MUST CREDIT PRODUCER|

Lease Prices:

Exclusive Rights:

Either way, contact me and after I receive the payment, then you will be sent the song requested, in high quality immediately after.

Official Beat Purchasing Site

Beats FAQ

Not For Long's Debut Album Is Now Out!

2011-09-14 05:41:42 by seatellite

My acoustic band's debut album is finally out!
You can buy it for only $9.99 from iTunes

We'd appreciate if you bought it, as your support means a lot to us (:

Click the link below to be sent to the iTunes page

Faster Than The Speed Of Love by Not For Long on iTunes

If you listen to my music, you know I sell most of my beats on Soundclick

I've found that although there are some successful indie/single producers on the site, but most of the sites most popular producers are beat producing teams. Examples: Vybe Beatz, VTZ, Jrum Beats, Gooniez Never Say Die.

I'd like to start a beat production team, so we can get beats out faster, and make more money that way.
I'd like it to work out so whoever produces that beat, gets the money for that beat. The main thing here, is that if we get popular, and one of the producers on the team becomes favored by customers, then they'll also look at the other producers on the team's beats. This will hopefully sell more beats quickly. Everyone gets their fair share. If you produced the beat, then you choose how much you'd like to lease/sell it for, and any money from that beat goes directly to the producer of it.

For those who aren't clear on how Soundclick works, here's a basic run down.
You upload beats/instrumentals, and they appear on the Beats & Instrumentals charts. If your beat gets popular, then someone will want to buy/lease it.

It is recommended that you put your beat up for free download, because downloads help you climb the beat charts.

Also, don't forget that the person must sing or rap or do something over the beat. The person can not buy/lease the beat from you and then sell that exact beat unchanged to someone else.

Free Downloads: If you download the beat for free, you may use it for promotional use only. You have no permission to sell it, and selling a beat that you downloaded for free without permission from the producer is a course for legal action.

Leases: Leases are meant to be cheap, and you should usually put a limit on how many leases a single person can buy on the beat (4 leases max are recommended)
Basically a lease is a small payment that allows the person to sell a certain amount of copies of that beat (usually anywhere from 2,000-2,500 copies per lease is best)
They usually range from $20-$40 depending on how much you'd like to charge. Once the person sells that amount of copies of the song they've created with the beat, they can no longer sell any more copies unless they buy exclusive rights, or if you let them, purchase another lease.

Exclusive Rights: This costs the most money out of all the options for the customer. Exclusive rights are usually between $200 and $400 (though some producers go as high as $800) and allow the person unlimited use of the beat. Not only that, but after exclusive rights have been sold, no one else can use that beat or download it. If someone has bought a lease BEFORE someone bought exclusive rights, then that person can continue to sell the amount of copies they have left until their lease runs out, but can not buy another lease. Once a person buys exclusive rights, the beat is theirs forever, and is off the market.

Something that isn't required, but I find useful, is to have the quality of the beat/MP3 match the option.
For example:
Free: 160 kbps (MP3) Promotional Use Only
Lease: 320 kbps (MP3) 2500 Copies Per Lease
Exclusive: Lossless WAV Yours Forever

Those are my rules for my beats. I find that if you get higher quality with a lease, people will tend to buy leases more.

But an absolute must is that the Exclusive rights are untagged (no DJ shoutouts or names) and in a .wav file (tracked out if necessary) for highest quality for the customer.
Also, when you sell exclusive rights, tell the person that it is necessary to put down your name/DJ name, and the name of the production company in the track credits.

Anyway, I'm not sure what else to explain, so leave any questions in the comments below.

Also, if you doubt my ability as a producer, here are some tracks that I've uploaded to our very own Newgrounds site.

No More Goodbyes
Moving On (For The First Time)
Too Many Questions
Give Us Hope

Those are just a few beats that I've made, you can find more on my Soundclick

So that's it. Leave questions/comments/concerns in the comments section!

The Sleepless Army

2011-04-17 12:54:38 by seatellite



You can also keep track of my NEW rap group (with Chr0n!k from The Sleepless Army) here:
Chivalry At It's Finest

The Sleepless Army

This is a new project I'm trying, it's a rap group. So far, it's:
Me (Insomniac a.k.a. Matt Perez)
Sebastian Zaleski (The Unborn Soldier)
Chris Crowe (Chr0n!k)

We're also open to anyone else that'd like to collab. If you're on Newgrounds, just ask in the comments here, and we'll send you tracks and you can collab with us. We love doing collabs, so don't hesitate. (:

We'll be posting all our songs up here for free.

The Question: /414084
The Bass (ft. KyHeezie): /414245
Written In The Stars (The Sleepless Army Remix):
Young (Sleepless Army Hollywood Undead Cover):
Streets So Cold (ft. Johnny Juliano): /415953
Unbreakable: /417382
Magic Touch:

Master Pimp & Lil Nipple Series

2010-12-04 23:02:59 by seatellite

I've decided to post a little blog thingy about one of my projects.
Master Pimp & Lil Nipple
A little project I'm working on. It's a comedy band like Tenacious D. Except it's not all metal.
It's pretty much any genre we feel like doing. So far we've done Techno, R&B, and Rap to name a few.
Our first album, Songs About Fucking Up And Making Up is currently in production.
All of the songs that we've done can be found on Newgrounds, and I'll post them all here too. If you don't like the songs, understandable lol, they're not meant to be taken seriously. Also, we don't use the auto-tune cause we can't sing. We're actually trying to disguise our voices, and it was the best way we could think of without using a vocoder or changing the pitch completely.

Would You Do Me? (Creampie Surprise)
Don't Make Me Pay Child Support (Please)
Daddy Cockblock (Please Go Away)
I Want To Be On To Catch A Predator

And for those of you who are interested, here's our Bandcamp account.

Please enjoy and give me feedback (:
Constructive criticism only please. I don't feel like hearing about how shitty you think we are :3

Master Pimp & Lil Nipple Series

Most of the beats I use for my R&B songs are from Soundclick. Basically Soundclick is a website (if you don't know already) where producers allow you to buy or download their beats and you can use them to sing on. Now if you buy a beat, you have exclusive rights to it and can sell it. If you download a free beat, you can use it, as long as it isn't for profit. So since I am not selling this song, and I am giving it away as a free download, and not using it for profit, I am legally allowed to use any of the beats you hear on my R&B songs as long as I don't sell the song for money. =]
no lol, I won't, I'm allowed to use these songs for promotional use. Even if someone else buys the rights to the beat exclusively, my song was created before that time period, and I'm still allowed to use the song.
So anyway, thanks for reading this to clear anything up that might come, and stay tuned for some more songs :]