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Alright, I'm going to clear up all the questions or general statements I've gotten in comments or messages about my Hip-Hop/R&B beats.

Q: What do you mean by "buying or leasing a beat?" Do you mean I can buy the beat and then use it as an instrumental?
A: No, I sell/lease my beats to people who want to rap or sing over it. You're not allowed to just buy the beat, and sell it as an instrumental. If you are a rapper or a singer, then you can buy my beats to do just that on them. I produce all my beats in song form (meaning Intro--->Verse---->Chorus--->Verse etc...)
It doesn't always follow that pattern I just wrote down, but you get the general idea.

Q/Statement: Why do your beats repeat so much? And/Or: Your beats repeat the same thing over and over or just add slightly different changes for each part.
A: I'm not writing super complex beats, because if a beat is TOO complex, it actually makes it harder to rap or sing over it. Again, I produce these beats in the general idea that someone is going to sing or rap over it. I usually start with a basic repeating main riff or drum pattern, and build a new instrument/melody on each verse (for example; Verse 1: Piano and Drums. Verse 2: Piano, Strings, and Drums. Verse 3: Piano, Strings, Drums, and Synth, Etc...)
If I was to design a crazy complex beat, it would be more for listening, while the beats I produce are for someone to put something over them vocally.

Q: Why do your beats have those really annoying tags on them? Like "this is a DJ G0LD production" repeated so many times in the song?
A: As much as I thoroughly enjoy music for the hell of it, I have to make money you know :P
The tags are there so people who download my beats don't steal them or pass them off as their own. I allow free downloads of my beats (you'll read more on that when I get to it) and if you download it for free, the tags stay on there.

Q: What do you mean by "free downloading?"
A: Right, well as a producer, it wouldn't be fair to sell someone a beat, and have them draw a blank when they attempt to write or rap something on top of it. The free download is sort of like a free trial of the beat. You can only use a "free download" of a beat for PROMOTIONAL use only. If you rap something over it, or sing something over it, you can give away the song for free, to build a fan base, but you can NOT sell it. That's what leases/exclusive rights are for. I put the tags on the beat too, because when you buy a lease or purchase exclusive rights, I take the tags off, because then you can legally sell the beat. So it's sort of like a trial version of the beat. You can rap over it, you can sing over it, but you can not sell it.

Q: How do I buy your beats? Are they expensive?
A: There are different kinds of ways you can buy my beats. There's a lease (which will be explained in the beats purchasing section that you can find near the bottom of this TL;DR post) and exclusive rights. The leases are generally cheap, anywhere from $20-$40 a song. The exclusive rights are in a higher range ($200-$400) which may sound like a lot, but most of the producers on Soundclick charge anywhere from $600 to $2,000 a beat for exclusive rights. I always upload low quality versions of my beats onto Newgrounds and Soundclick (160 kbps) but when you purchase a lease, you get an HQ 320 kbps MP3, and the Exclusive Rights give you a .WAV file. I accept payments for the beats through PayPal, and once the money is transferred, I send you the file through an e-mail.

Beat Purchasing Section:
If you'd like to use a song for promotion and not to sell it, then be my guest, and download it and use it.
If you'd like to use a song commercially then please contact me for a lease (2500 copies per lease) or for exclusive rights (the song becomes yours forever and no one else can sell it or buy it)

Free: 160 kbps (MP3) [Promotional Use Only] {Tagged} |MUST CREDIT PRODUCER|
Lease: 320 kbps (MP3) [2500 Copies Per Lease] {No tags} |MUST CREDIT PRODUCER|
Exclusive: Lossless WAV [Yours Forever] {No tags} |MUST CREDIT PRODUCER|

Lease Prices:

Exclusive Rights:

Either way, contact me and after I receive the payment, then you will be sent the song requested, in high quality immediately after.

Official Beat Purchasing Site

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